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Messages From Your Spirit Animal

Updated: May 24, 2022

Animal Spirit Guides are your Spirit Guides who are in animal form. Sometimes they are called spirit animals, totem animals, or power animals. Our long-ago ancestors believed - as do today's worldwide indigenous peoples - that there eternal beings, through their daily lives by providing protection, guidance, and healing.

Which Spirit Animal you are drawn to, or meet with on your walking path, or in reoccurring dreams?

UNICORN: Indulge your creative, imaginative, and magical side through some form of artistic expression. It can be singing, painting, sculpturing, drawings. Express your inner child and have fun with it!

PLATYPUS: Stop complaining and focus your attention on the blessings in your life. List things what you are grateful for and change your thought what makes you happy. Shift your thought and attention, there is always a positive side!

CARDINAL: The polarities of your spiritual pursuits and physical pleasures are out of balance, so do whatever is necessary to bring them back into equilibrium.

PUEO: Your ancestral spirit guides are offering your guidance now, so pay close attention signs and omens from them. These signs can appear in your dreams, these can be very vivid. You can see, hear or sense them. Quiet your mind and be ready for their guidance.

SEAGULL: Now is the for deep emotional healing. Listen to your body, write journals about your feelings. Tensions in your body where you buried your emotional traumas. Cry and laugh, it is time to heal those wounds. Go to nature, meditate, listen to music!

PENGUIN: The period of darkness that you've been experienced is now passing. You gain some clarity and understanding. You have to know this is a transition and may few negative things happen you have all the tools to handle it for life. You've learned your lesson!

BLUE HERON: Make a stand for what you believe in and do what feels right in spite of any judgement or disapproval from others. Trust your deepest sense of knowing what the right action is and do it. Stand still look around and breath. You are doing just fine.

CHAMELEON: Stay in the background and adapt to the situation rather than being conspicuous and attempting to direct the course of events. This is the best time to surrender to the Spirit and simply allow events to unfold without your direct intervention or guidance.

TORTOISE: You are too fragmented, so do whatever it takes to get grounded. Your mind rushes ahead from one thing to the next, while your body tries to catch-up. Slow down! Move a little slower, practice to breath slower and deeper. Spend time in Nature and take off your shoes and socks. Ground yourself and connect with the Earth.