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Business Constellation

Sekhmet Healing - Business

The Organization, Business Approach

Business Constellations and Organizational Constellations are both synonyms for a powerful, relatively new method to analyze complex problems, find sustainable solutions and free the energy to take the necessary steps. They give you in-depth insight and help you to establish the source of a problem in a short time. Business Constellations can be used for analysis purposes or to gain insight into a decision you need to make as a leader. Business Constellations can also bring new resolutions to the company and release energy and resources in the organization.

How Can Business Constellations Help?

Business Constellations are a great intuitive management method to use with complex or repetitive problems. Areas in which business constellations are the ideal solution include:

  • Management decisions about transformations in the organization, e.g., mergers, reorganizations, expansion, buying ups, new product development

  • Marketing - what marketing channels to use, identifying why sales are dropping

  • Leadership

  • New hiring

  • Strategy development

  • Diagnosing the root cause of complex or repetitive problems

  • When you sense there is something wrong, but cannot put your finger on

  • When there is a conflict, and the source is uncertain or doesn’t appear to make sense

  •  Goal setting

  • Team building and resolving problems in teams

Normally, Constellations take place in a workshop setting, attended by people who are not connected with the Client and know nothing of his business. These people have agreed to act as resources for the Client to model his organization. Some of these delegates will have seen Business Constellations before, while others will not. It does not make a difference, as delegates do not need knowledge of the process to participate.
The Facilitator leads and ends the Constellation when an optimum situation has been reached, or it appears that the Client’s inquiries have been answered as fully as they can be. When the Constellation finishes, the Client thanks the Representatives for their availability.

Confidentiality is an obvious concern, as some issues and questions are confidential or with reservation, so it is not advisable to treat them in public. In these cases, several techniques can be applied. The Client feels safe, and the issue with confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed.

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