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Inner Child Healing

Sekhmet Healing - Inner Child Healing

The Inner Child Healing work focuses on helping people finish their unresolved grief from childhood which is a result of abandonment, abuse in all forms, the neglect of a childhood developmental dependency needs, and the enmeshments that result from family-system dysfunction. In this work, we spend the majority of our time grieving our neglected childhood (all stages of childhood) - developmental dependency needs.


During this healing work, we will go through normal dependency needs and describe it, then we will discuss all those needs that are not met, and we tend to grow into adulthood with a wounded inner child. This wounded inner child is contaminating their adulthood with temper tantrums, overreactions, marital problems, addictions, toxic parenting, damaging, and painful relationships.


I began my Inner Child Work long ago, using a rather makeshift meditation and very strong sentences, positive affirmations, ongoing dialogue between my adult myself and my wounded inner child. Making the first contact with your inner child can be overwhelming and very intense, often find myself sobbing intensely. I learn how to grieve and champion my inner child. My life transformed dramatically. My mind is more clear. I stopped distracting my adult myself and creating new blocks on the path I need to go. I am working with my inner child and making sure she is happy and part of me every day.

I want to emphasize that during this inner child healing work, you must do all the exercises I give you without being obsessed with analyzing, overthinking, Googling, reading and discussing the process. This is an energy work that works through you. 


This therapy is not intended to replace any 12 Step group that you belong to. If you are an adult victim of sexual abuse or severe emotional battering, or if you’ve been diagnosed mentally ill or have a history of mental illness in your family, professional help is necessary for you. If you start experiencing strange or overwhelming emotions, stop immediately. If you are inactive addiction, out of control and out of touch with your true feeling, you must work with special group work such as the 12 Step. Join them TODAY!

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