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About Me: About Me


I am Erzsebet, a Hungarian-Canadian Psychic Medium from a long line of Intuitives, Family Constellation Facilitator and Inner Child Healing Coach. Since 2010, I’ve been working with Family Constellation in Hungary and Canada and specialized in helping people cope with their issues. I coach my clients in a way that everybody feels they are valued and appreciated, and all my solutions and exercises are simple and easy to do on an everyday basis. I have always been ready to learn about myself and my environment. When I hit a roadblock in my own life and was struggling to move past it, I trusted the Universe and jumped into books, meditations, turned to nature and tried several types of therapy methods.



The techniques I use are a mix of systematic healing, inner child healing and psychic mediumship senses. Knowing and using this knowledge led me to help friends and family with their challenges. This motivated me to turn my newfound passion into a full-time career. If you have any questions about my methods or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

Sekhmet Healing - About us

Why the name ‘Sekhmet Healing’?

My last visit to Egypt was truly wonderful. I was fortunate to visit several sites and temples by feeling the energy and the old spirit of these places; I got far more than I expected. Old history, secrets, different extraterrestrials beings, and technology being used way before we can imagine. While I was in Karnak, I visited one of the Sekhmet statue, which is still active energetically and you can feel it at the moment you enter the room. I stood in front of Goddess Sekhmet, I was mesmerized and couldn’t say anything, but felt an instant connection with her. She saw all of my pain and happiness I couldn’t and I actually didn’t want to hide anything from her. Sekhmet just got into my soul and comforted me. I lost time and have no idea how long I just stood there and felt the connection to her and our beautiful planet Gaia. I felt connected to everything, everything which is real and matters. I got to know other people have very similar experiences. Visitors coming out of this room crying makes this experience a very emotional memory to everyone.


I knew she would be returning to my dreams, and I hoped I could continue this communication with her. A week after visiting that site, I was doing my meditation routine and looking for a sign. I got connected with my spirit guide and let my meditation flow knowing the Universe will provide the best tool for that day. And there she was, beautiful, loving, powerful and very gentle at the same time. Sekhmet started to walk towards me, I didn’t know at the moment what will happen, but I let myself to connect and feel the energy of her — healing energy! She came closer, placed her hand on my chest and started to heal my heart and my soul. All wounds and scars since I was a kid, teens and young adult, it seems to be healing. I was sobbing because it was truly wonderful and an unforgettable experience. I knew at the moment that if I need her, I can always call upon her.

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