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Smudging Your Home

Updated: May 24, 2022

Burning sage has many benefits as a spiritual practice. Some research supports certain health benefits of sage, such as antimicrobial properties and enhanced alertness, but more research is needed.

Keep it in mind. Burning sage is a sacred religious practice in some Native American cultures. Treat the ritual with respect.

First, and foremost be confident and respectful with whatever you have in your home. But you also need to remember, your home is your home even though it was someone else is before.

Preparation for Saging

  • Clean your home, have a deep cleaning, every corner.

  • Throw away all broken things, dead plants. All staffs that not useable or have bad memories with it need to go.

  • If there is anything in your home you don't know where it came from, and you don't need it, get rid of it.

  • Drink plenty of water and eat well. Do not use alcohol, drugs.

  • Pray and do grounding meditations every day (even if it is only 5 minutes).

  • When you are ready and feel good, perform a house saging. You will feel what that day is. Do not force it if you don't feel it that day.

  • Get a sage stick, light it, and walk around your house and your belongings. You don't need to rush it. Take your time and focus on your intention.

  • Use prayers like these below:

Negativity of this my sacred space

I banish you by the light of my grace

You have no hold or power here

I stand and face you with no fear

Be gone forever you will obey

From my sacred space, you must away.

God of All, Goddess of Light,

Shield & Protect Me Day & Night

Positive Feeling Alone Come Near,

All Others Wither & Disappear.

Into this smoke I release

All energies that do not serve;

All negativity that surrounds;

And all fears that limit.

Sekhmet Healing - removing negative energy
Smudging Your Home
  • Please, keep it simple because simplicity is key.

  • Put your intention to the smoke and open your windows. Negative energy can be released this way.

  • You can also light a white candle if you feel comfortable asking Spirit guides, Angles and God. They will help souls that are ready to move on going to the light.

  • Get yourself some sea salt. If you have Holly-water put a few drops into your salt.

  • Walk around the house and throw that salt to every corner (gets rid of hiding ghosts). After two days go, and clean it up and empty it outside of your home. You are sending it back to Mother Earth to recycle it.

  • Place a glass of water with sea salt next to your bedside. Keep it there for the night and empty it in the morning. That collects the remaining negative energy. You can do this after a hard day or a bigger argument in the house.

  • Repeat this ritual every few days or week. On a day you don't feel like walking around your home, light some sage in your living room safely while you are staying close to it.

  • You can also use some sage essential oils in your diffuser.

Cleanse Yourself

  • Make sure you cleanse yourself after this ritual, and it can be your everyday practice to cleanse your energy after a hard day, shopping in the mall or just meeting with people who would drain your energy

  • Stand under the shower and see yourself cleansed by the water. Imagine that water in your shower head is coming with God's protective golden-white light.

  • You can also take an absent salt bath. That will keep negativity away, gives good nutrients to your skin.

The more you do this better you get at it. All the cleansing you do will add up and become stronger. Try these for a few weeks, and let me know if you see and feel any changes in your home. Good luck to you.

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