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Awakening Psychic Touch

Updated: May 24, 2022

Healers and psychics often use this exercise in their work. It stimulates the sensory centers of the hand. Enabling them to more easily use their hands to sense and feel subtle energies in people and objects.

Every psychic and healer needs practice. They are not doing this 24/7 so you shouldn't either. Working with energy is exhausting and never forget to take care of yourself and have a YOU time and relax.

This exercise awakens the sensitivities of your hands and should be used before any activities involving psychic touch. With this activity, you will begin to feel and sense the energies of people and objects.

De not worry that you might be imagining what you are sensing. You are working to begin to recognize these subtle energies.

Sehkmet Healing - Awakening

Perform a progressive relaxation and create your sacred space. You can choose to have candles, essential oils, crystals or by changing the air in the room.

Rub your hands together briskly for about 30 seconds. This movement stimulates their overall sensitivity.

Extend your hands about a foot and a half in front of you. Your palm should be facing each other about two feet apart.

Slowly move your hands toward each other, bringing them as close to each other as you can without touching them.

Then slowly draw your hands back so they are about six to eight inches apart.

Repeat in and out this movement of your hands for several minutes. As you do, pay attention to what you feel or sense. There are a variety of possibilities:

Feeling pressure building between the hands, tickling sensation, a feeling of thickness between the palms. A sense of changing temperature, warming or cooling between your hands, or even a pulsing or soft throbbing sensation.

If you were practicing on an object, at this point, you would then take the object into your hand. Good to have pan and papers next to you and start writing down what comes to your mind. Is it cold or warm? How does it make you feel? Is it heavy or light(not the weight of the object)? What is that item need to tell you?

Perform a grounding ritual when you finish with your practice.

*Psychic Touch - Ted Andrews

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