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How to Spiritually Purify your Body?

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

There are many simple ways to spiritually purify your body, mind and emotions of negative thoughts and feelings daily. So why is it important to do that? Without spiritual purification, your physical body may not live up to its potential bliss, pleasure and joy.

The following practices are simple and easy to do it. You can always modify it to your comfort level or the limitation of your surroundings. You don’t need to do it all the same day or week; pick maybe one or two that speak to you the most and start practicing. It is also helpful if you journal about it. Eventually, you will incorporate more practices on the way you go.

Air – Breath

Take twenty connected, conscious breaths or try to be connected to your breathing for half an hour to an hour. With every breath you take in, you bring in new life energy, and with every breath, you breathe out, you let go of negative thinking and emotions. I always say everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. It the best to do it after you wake up because you are calm. You can always repeat this exercise when something happens throughout your day and set your mood lower.


You can sit by a fire, candle, fireplace or bbq and purify your body. Look at the flame and feel its purification of it. You can offer to put your favourite food, tobacco or herbs into the flame, and you will instantly feel your energy body cleansing. Make sure you perform this ceremony safely at home, on your balcony, in your garden or in nature.


Taking a bath is a simple yet very powerful way of relaxing and releasing the tension and confusion of the mind. You add a few drops of calming essential oils to the water, like lavender, jasmine, camomile, sweet basil, rose, frankincense and clary sage. You can also do your conscious breathing in the bath. It will multiply the effect.


This is going back to nature and using our physical body through activities. You can call it earthling. You can walk bare feet in the sand, on the grass in your garden, take off your shoes in the valley and put your feet to the ocean or the creek nearby. Doing psychical labour and sports. Go for a walk in the nearest forest, sunbathe and swim in the lake or sea. Try to grow your own veggies or have conscious choices of locally grown food.

You are ready to release it and deal with it.

Try fasting for a day every week. It will give a break to your body. Incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. You can eat them raw and make excellent smoothies and juices. You can substitute one meal per day. When you eat, try not to rush but enjoy it and focus on it with mindfulness. The texture, the flavour and how your body and mind react to that. Listen to your body and what type of food it needs.


This is the oldest method of purification. Chanting or repeating silently to yourself God's name(s) is a device to attune yourself to your won divinity. You can use the name of God that you are comfortable with. The idea is consciously to acknowledge your connection with the Infinite Being and evoke your connection to God’s presence with the continuous remembrance of God’s name.


We are creating our life in every movement we may not even realize. This a simple but tricky process for most of us. We have grown up in a belittling society, putting you down and mostly very toxic. We end up comparing ourselves, blaming why we are not better, faster, more beautiful, smarter or have more money and so on and so forth. We are very critical. Change your thought for more positive. Not to punish yourself but encourage and see things as an improvement. Like “I should have known better,” then rephrase it: “I’m bettering myself every day, little by little.“ Simple changes will go a long way. It helps if you write affirmations to yourself.

Unconditional Love

Love yourself unconditionally, all parts, and I’m not only thinking of the psychical body but your demons and flaws too. Love your surroundings. You can practice unconditional towards yourself by standing in front of a mirror and saying five things about yourself you love. It can be physical or non-physical. You can write down a list and make that list longer every day. Compliment others, like your friends, the bus driver, or some who stands in front of you are the grocery store. Give small acts of kindness, like a smile, opening a door, or sharing a box of chocolate. You can pet animals and spend time with children; you will easily slip into that state of appreciation and tremendous love where you can connect with your Infinite Being.

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