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Erasing Problems Exercise

Updated: May 24, 2022

Psychic Skills Developed:

⚈ Solves problems

⚈ Eases psychic sensitivity

⚈ Strengthen visualization

⚈ Better understanding of the situation

Set your mood and create your sacred place.

Light a candle and burn a little sage. If you are not able to do that, put on a few drops of essential oils with sage and lemongrass. Feel your angels and spirit guides around you, protecting you. Visualize, you are surrounded by their protective white and golden light. Their presence will make you feel comfortable and safe. Your shoulders drop, and you can relax your body to breathe deeply into your body.

When you feel relaxed and strongly protected by them, feel the unconditional love and protection flow in your body.

Tools we can use such as chalkboards, painter's canvas, windshields, computer or TV screens. These can be used to help clarify and solve problems with this exercise. We can learn to visualize these things and send the message to the Inner Guardian for the answer.


Imagine yourself standing in front of a large chalkboard (screen, canvas) or sitting in your car looking at your windshield.

Take chalk and draw (write) out your problems or question. When you finished and put the last period or question mark on the screen. Think of it as sending the message to your Inner Guardian.

Imagine taking a step back from the chalkboard (screen), and you sit down. Visualize your Inner Guardian is stepping into the room, car, nodding with her/his head and greeting you. Feel their presence, your entire body just more relaxed. Then he/she is turning to your questions on the chalkboard (screen, windshield).

You watch as the answer begins to be written. Trust what you feel. Any sensation or thoughts, an image can pop into your mind.

Even if you can't visualize the answers in your mind, trust it that the message has been sent to your Inner Guardian.

In the next few days, you will have your answers. It comes to you in dream form, or someone will call you to talk with you. You might get an email or a message about your question. You may also see a sign that your Inner Guardian sent to you.

Thank your Inner Guardian and see yourself leaving the room, car to return to your sacred space. You feel confident and smiling as you open your eyes.

Perform a grounding ritual and put on some relaxation music. Open your windows for fresh air and have some deep breaths feel your lungs are filling up with it. You feel strong and confident.

Sekhmet Healing - Healing excercise

Reference: Psychic Power - Ted Andrews

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