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How to Deal with Healing Pain?

Here is a definition from the biblical standpoint:

"Healing occurs through the integrating forces that restore, transform, sustain and nurture the whole person (body, mind, spirit) at each phase and in every dimension of life."

In the last couple of weeks, I got many emails and messages asking how to deal with your healing-integration pain. I'm mostly getting these types of questions after a Family Constellation Session:

- How long does it take to see an effect?

During your session, you have already felt the energetic shift, so be in a state of healing with appreciation. Complete healing can take even a few years, but you immediately see the effects on how you respond to the same issue. Take your time to reflect and integrate the newly learned information to use the new tools you have gotten.

- Can I talk about my healing sessions?

You should keep it to yourself for at least three weeks and let your soul do its job without interruption. Let your mind, body and spirit do their job. We give away the healing power when we start talking about what happened in detail. After three weeks, you can share your experience with your friends, and it is OK not to remember every detail. This is how it should be; we don't need to remember or know all the details to heal.

- Is something wrong with me because I don't feel good?

Healing is not always rosy; you might feel uncomfortable in your skin, want to cry, and anxious, irritated, and angry. You may not be able to sleep, or you have some disturbing dreams. IT IS OK! This is all part of the process; your body and mind need to purge out old trauma and pain.

- Can I use any substances to deal with healing pain?

Please do not use anything; no need to numb your pain. It is coming to the surface because you were brave enough to face and heal it. You don't need to push it down and ignore it. You are ready to release it and deal with it. Some days it is very uncomfortable, but healing is about being uncomfortable with everything we've gone through. Celebrate your transformation.

- What can I do when these unpleasant feelings are overruling my day?