Transgenerational / Inherited Family Trauma

Being born into a family, we inherit not only our biological genes but also our belief systems and behaviour patterns. Our family is an energy field within which we are held, each in our unique position from the time we were born.

Trauma can be transferred in between generations. After the first generation of survivors experiences trauma, they can transfer to their children and further generations via complex post-traumatic stress disorder mechanisms.

This family energy field limits or enhances our capacity for happiness, freedom of choice, success in accomplishing our goals, ability to maintain enjoyable relationships, health, and well-being.

What kind of traumas can we inherit?

The possibilities are just endless, and all are affecting us. Some of these traumas can be triggered by age, a certain life situation, moving from one place/country to another. Become a new parent or wanting to be one also a factor.

Some examples:

  • You would like to be pregnant, but you have some fertility issues.

  • You start a new business, but you are having problems. Obstacles are on your way every time you have an opportunity.

  • You earn good money, but you can't keep it.

  • You want to marry someone and have a family with but you always chose a guy who is not available or married.

  • You suddenly feel depressed, and you have no meaning in your life.

  • You are having body pain for as long as you remember, but nobody knows why.

  • You are feeling anxious in situations that you were always confident.

  • You move to another country and ask yourself every day that it was a good decision.

  • You fell not worthy of life.

  • You feel you need to be a victim or a martyr, or you feel excessive guilt.

  • You feel you need to take care of everyone, but yourself and you place everybody's needs in front of your own.

  • A new allergy makes your life harder than you never had before.

  • You have very obsessive thoughts that creating a cycle.

  • Negative relationship patterns. It can be with friends, love, co-worker, boss or all the above.

We may feel that we have been held in a pattern of problems for eternity. Family Constellation offers us a chance to understand these patterns at the deepest level and enables us to bring our unwanted patterns to resolution and thus find peace and happiness.

We can see what is behind all these. We gain a better understanding it is "not our story" we have been drawn to. We don't need to carry and suffer for something we never did. We want to save, rescue, help and give hope to others at our unconscious level. We have respect and compassion toward who it happened in the past with. We are only responsible for our life by breaking the cycle. By doing so, we help our ancestors who came before us. And we assist our future generation to have a better life without these patterns.

If you are interested contact me for more information or Schedule your Family Constellation Session.

Being born into a family, we inherit not only our biological genes but also our belief systems and behaviour patterns.
Inherited Family Trauma

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