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Energy-Ball Psychic Clearing Exercise

Updated: May 24, 2022

Psychic Skills developed:

  • Awakening your psychic abilities

  • Increasing intuition

  • Protecting your aura and property

  • Develop visualization

Set your mood and create your sacred place.

Light a candle and burn a little sage. If you are not able to do that, put on a few drops of essential oils with sage and lemongrass. Feel your angels and spirit guides around you, protecting you. Visualize, you are surrounded by their protective white and golden light. Their presence will make you feel comfortable and safe. Your shoulders drop, and you can relax your body to breathe deeply into your body.

When you feel relaxed and strongly protected by them, feel the unconditional love and protection flow in your body.

Imagine a ball of light the size of an apple in front of your chest. Hold it in between your palms. Concentrate on it, feel it. It is strong, and when you connect with it, you can grow it bigger. First, the size of a basketball and when you charged this ball make it bigger two times bigger. Still concentrate on this energy-ball. See and feel the energy circulates in this large ball you still hold in front of your chest and heart area.

Keep charging it and make it three times bigger. At this moment, you can barely hold it between your hands because you stretch your arm very wide. But this ball is not heavyweight but very powerful. Get ready for cleansing.

Imagine this light-ball explodes in front of you. It doesn't harm you but goes every corner of your house and cleanses all the negative energy, unwanted patterns, lower vibrational beings, jealousy and things that don't serve you anymore. All that energy we don't need will shot out from your house through the windows, doors and chimneys. You are sending it back to the sun to recycle all that old energy and create new ones.

After every corner of your house cleansed from old energy, you start to create a healthy shield around your property. That will protect you, your family and your property from all negativity. No negativity can harm you in any way but, you welcome all positivity, love, happiness, creativity and joy into your new space.

When you finish, thank your angels and spirit guides for helping and protecting you. Tell them how grateful you are for the lesson and if you wish, you can meet them again.

This exercise is good to repeat every few days. It takes around 10-15 minutes. First, you can cleanse and protect your room, house or property. When you feel comfortable, you can stretch it for an entire block or field around your building.

Sekhmet Healing - Energy

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