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Conversation with your Spirit Guide

Updated: May 24, 2022

Skills developed:

  • communication with your spirit

  • getting/understanding signs

  • opening your psychic skills

Set your mood! Perform a relaxation technique/ meditation.

Create your sacred space and call to the archangels(especially Archangel Michael), so you will be protected in your efforts.

Imagine and feel them around you, protecting you. Remember, all energy follows our thoughts. So even if you don't feel them, imagining they are there. It is important. It opens the bridge to allow them into your inner space.

See a doorway opening before you step through it into a sacred space within your inner castle. This place can be a chapel, an outdoor garden, or a temple area on the castle grounds – any place that is a sanctuary for you. This can be a meadow, a beautiful snow-covered summit and surround yourself with protection, crystals and herbs. Use your imagination. Know that in this place the spirit world and the human world can come together.

Sekhmet Healing - Spirits

I like to have spirit show themselves as apparitions and then modify into real people in the midst of an outdoor temple. Some people love to have lovely outdoor gardens with the path leading to exclusive rooms with doors and, knock on the other side signals a spirit guide. Find what works for you the best.

In your mind, begin to carry on a conversation with this being. Pay attention to everything that you experience. Keep it simple!

Ask the guide questions:

+ What is its purpose?

+ Why is it around you?

+ How can you recognize its p