Motherly Love

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Parents and especially mothers play a crucial role in offering love, protection, security and trust to their children.

A child is dependent on his parents and especially his mother, with whom there is a symbiotic relationship from the start. For a peaceful and balanced growth. This love and vital energetic link between parents and children must be continuous and constant. But if a painful event affects the life of the mother, the relationship between the mother and child might prematurely break causing the child an oversensitivity, and withdrawal which would manifest in his not being able to "receive".

That can happen for many reasons: a pregnancy experienced with anxiety or emergency maybe in wartime, a bereavement, a famine, death at childbirth in the family, unwanted pregnancy, family secrets, not allowed relationship (status, culture, ethnicity or religion).

The death of a mother during childbirth or shortly thereafter is considered extremely distressing in the structuring of a child and could have an interrupted movement as a consequence. This experience and trauma can stay in the child family system. Later when this child establishes her or his family it is possible to pass it on to their own kids

In all these cases, it will be necessary to re-establish the connection between mother and child and the order of love with the Family Constellation technique.

Family Constellation a perfect tool to uncover these unwanted or sometimes painful events and set everybody free. Find everybody's rightful place in the family. After seeing with love, all members of the family feel lighter and more relax. Furthermore, they can look into the future and find their happiness.

Motherly Love

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