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Motherly Love

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Parents, especially mothers, play a crucial role in offering love, protection, security and trust to

their children. In order for a child to have a peaceful and balanced growth, they depend on their

mothers with whom they have a symbiotic relationship. The love and vital energetic link between

parents and children must be continuous and constant. However, if a painful event affects the

life of the mother, the relationship between the mother and child might prematurely break. This

might cause the child to be oversensitive and may withdraw from being able to receive love.

That can happen for many reasons; a pregnancy experienced with anxiety or during an

emergency (i.e. wartime, pandemic, etc.), a time of bereavement, child death in the family, an

unwanted pregnancy, family secrets, forbidden relationship (status, culture, ethnicity or religion).

The death of a mother during childbirth or shortly thereafter is extremely distressing to a child,

and can lead to a lack of structure in the child’s development. This experience and trauma can

become deeply rooted in the family’s structure. Later, when this child establishes their own

family, it is possible the effects of their trauma can be passed on to their children. In all these cases, it’s necessary to re-establish the connection between mother and child, and

the order of love with the Family Constellation technique.

Family Constellation is a perfect tool to uncover these unwanted or sometimes painful events

and set everyone free. This tool can also help a child find their rightful place in their family. After

finding clarity with love, all members of the family will feel lighter and more relaxed.

Furthermore, they can optimistically look to the future and find their happiness. For more information and to start your healing journey, please reach out to us.

Sekhmet Healing - Motherly Love
Motherly Love

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