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Daily Check-In with Your Inner Child

Updated: May 24, 2022

Doing inner child work isn't as easy as understanding that it must exist. The truth is that healing your inner child can be a long, arduous process. We all lose touch with our inner child at one time or another. Having daily contact with your inner children will enable you to build a relationship with them. This contact only takes a few minutes but is that consistency that will build trust.

Your first task in healing the inner child is to commit to knowing your inner child. That starts with accepting its existence. You are a free individual. You can choose to deny that you have an inner child. Doing inner child work, whether you do it alone or in therapy sessions, is a wonderful way to heal that child inside you and ultimately change the way you think, feel, and behave.


Go to your private place, play soothing music and have your pen and journal nearby (if you needed). Set your intentions. You can light a candle or put on some essential oils like rose, lavender or bergamot.

- Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

- Imagine a protective White Light around you.

- When you feel relaxed, imagine you are walking down a path in a green meadow filled with flowers. The sun is shining at you, and you feel a little breeze in your hair.

- As you are enjoying the meadow, imagine you see a small figure walking towards you. See if you can determine with this inner child is.

- Record the age of this little child. Is the just one child, or more than one?

- Ask the inner children what is needed from you that day and write it down.

- Ask your inner children if there is anything they need to talk to you about today. Are there any concerns that need to be addressed? Write down the answers.

- Now think about your day. See if there are any times that the children within might be at risk? Anything throughout the day that might frighten your inner children? Write down the answers and make sure you plan ahead that your inner children will safe.

- Then, bring your focus back to the White Light that surrounding you.

- When you feel complete, several cleansing breaths and proceed with your day.

Write down everything into your journal and set time for yourself to play like you did when you were a child can help you feel more connected with that part of you. It can also encourage healing. Try playing some of the same games and doing the same activities that you enjoyed. Approach these games and activities with the expectation that they were fun once and can be again. Throughout your healing process, come back to playing as a child often. You'll likely find that the happy feelings come back to you more and more, helping you to connect with your inner child.

Sekhmet Healing - Inner child

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